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Bridge Plotter Fabrication


Bay Machine and Fabrication was tasked with manufacturing complete steel weldments with side mounting brackets 20’ long by 4’ wide, A36 steel cut, fit and welded complete per customer drawings. The bridge plotter went from the fabrication shop to the machine shop there to be machined for flatness over the 20’ long weldment tolerance to be held within .015 over the 20’ long span. Approximately 500 holes were drilled and tapped and all other machining finished. At this point the bridge plotter went from the machine shop to the paint shop where it was inspected, blasted and primer before applying a finished coat of international paint. Allowing dry period then carefully loaded on transport to be delivered to customer.



Finish: All steel surfaces were sandblasted to a SSPC SP-6 surface preparation.  Upon completion of preparation, all steel was coated with two coats of International Paints Anti-Corrosive 300V Epoxy paint in alternating colors, followed by a topcoat in International Paints 990HS Polyurethane.

Primary Materials: Steel

Crafts Involved: Fabrication, Machining, Sandblast and Paint