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Metal Fabrication

Unique qualifications yield comprehensive solutions

The BMF metal fabrication shop is the most capable fabrication shop anywhere. We are unique in our ability to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions. Our state-of-the-art plasma machines and our  ability to do welds of all types (MIG, TIG, GMAW) on all metals (mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum) with engineers on staff, separates our fabrication from most other shops. Current in over 300 weld procedures, with engineers available to address problems during fabrication, we provide our customers a complete solution with one-stop shopping.

From start to finish, in-house

Many fabricated pieces need machined parts to ensure they can mate properly, and they often need corrosion protection in the form of paint. BMF has in-house machining capabilities; hydraulic capabilities; sandblast and paint capabilities; along with delivery. Few other shops are capable or interested in handling all aspects of your project to ensure you, the customer, have a comprehensive and complete solution to your project.

Up-to-date equipment for steel and aluminum fabrication

Our metal fabrication shop features state-of-the-art machinery to aid in fabrication of steel and aluminum. Our fabrication equipment includes:

  • 350-ton brake press
  • Sheer press
  • 10’x20’ CNC plasma table
  • Welding Positioners
  • Multiple overhead cranes from 10-15 tons
  • Extensive indoor lay-down space
  • Drive-through access

For more information about our metal fabrication capabilities, please contact us.